LinkAssistant 3.16.3

SEO tool to boost your website ranking

LinkAssistant attempts to help you improve your search engine ranking by generating links for your site. View full description


  • Automatically detects link partners
  • Can fill in link partner forms automatically
  • Monitors your site ranking across major search engines


  • Java interface can be slow
  • No guarantee of sustained traffic increase

Not bad

LinkAssistant attempts to help you improve your search engine ranking by generating links for your site.

It's no big secret that in order to get a top search engine placement, you need other websites to link to your website. LinkAssistant works by finding and managing hundreds of what it calls "link partners" and helps you get linked back to by partners that share similar interests. LinkAssistant can help discover online link submission forms (it claims representing up to 25,000 sites to choose from) and can even fill in the forms for you.

In addition, LinkAssistant displays your Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, and link popularity of link partners so you can easily see which sites are worth your time and effort being associated with. LinkAssistant can also publish pages via FTP, create personalized emails and double check link partners. Of course, it also monitors your site's rankings in all the major search engines.

LinkAssistant is based on Java which can make it a bit unresponsive and slow but the advantage of this is that it works across platforms. Also be aware that if you want to use LinkAssistant for large sites or multiple sites, the licensing costs are considerably more than for ordinary users.

Users have reported varying degrees of success at driving traffic with LinkAssistant and if you're struggling for traffic, it's worth a shot.


  • No release notes available.

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LinkAssistant 3.16.3